How to Curl your Hair

Sometimes, you find it difficult to do decide your hair style. And once decided, its tough to make the hair style due to lack of time. Why not try and practice some hair care home made remedies. One of the best way to give a good get up to your hair is by curling it. Here are ways you can curl your hair on your won to create a difference.

Curl Hair With Foam Rollers

  1. Decide the size you’d like the curls to be, and separate one thin lock of hair. If flattened, the width of this hair should be about a centimeter.
  2. Coat the lock of hair in mousse. This step is difficult. If you use too less mousse, it won’t hold. If you use too much mousse, though, it will not dry. So use as per the length and thickness of your hair.
  3. Spray the lock with an extra strength-hold hairspray or the strongest hairspray you can find.
  4. With a foam curler, roll the lock of hair into the curler firmly at the bottom up. The foam curlers should appear squished in the middle, like a dumbbell. Fasten securely at the scalp.
  5. Blow dry hair to allow mousse and hairspray to dry. Keep curler/rollers in hair for as long as necessary.
  6. Take out curlers very carefully. Do not pull on the curler. Spin it in a circular motion to allow hair to get out. Be careful when hair gets stuck on the curler with hairspray. Don’t rush this process; just be patient.

Curl Hair With Bobby Pins

  1. Twist strands of your hair (the thicker the strand, the looser the curl) until you can even see the twisting at the roots.
  2. Wrap the strand around on your scalp into a little circle, then pin it down with 2 bobby pins, criss-crossing each other. You do not have to wrap it into little buns. Just find a way to pin it to your head while keeping it twisted.
  3. Repeat this process for all your hair. You’ll end up with many tiny twists and turns.
  4. Sleep on it so that the buns don’t come undone. In the morning, undo all of them and finger tousle very well.

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