Prevent Hair Breakage

Once you have split ends, the only way to eliminate them is to trim them off. However, you can tame damaged ends and prevent new ones from forming with these four natural suggestions.

1. Deep-condition your locks with mayonnaise once a month. The eggs and oil in mayonnaise provide protein and seal in moisture, keeping strands supple, she says. Coat your dry hair with mayo, bundle it close to your head With plastic wrap to generate heat; wait 30 minutes, and shampoo.

2. When combing wet hair, use only a wide-toothcomb. Wet hair stretches easily, and brushes and fine-tooth combs stretch and weaken strands.

3. Blow-dry your hair with cool air unless you’re curling it. Hot air swells hair fibers so they split apart.

4. To minimize the fried look of breakage until your next haircut, apply a dab of a shine-enhancing product to your ends after styling. Look for one that contains the hair-strengthening herbs horsetail or nettle. Or simply wear your hair up and out of the way in a bun or French twist.

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