Towel Wrap Your Hair

After a fresh shower, you wrap your hair in a towel as a solution to prevent your clothes from getting wet. It also dries your hair well and gives you a chance to complete your other tasks. But do remember there are certain steps to follow while you wrap your wet hair in a towel. The steps are explained below so that for you to wrap your hair in the right way.

  1. Take a towel that is big enough to wrap around your head and covers your hair.
  2. Flip your hair over your head so it’s in front of your face and hangs down. You may need to slightly bend ahead for this.
  3. Wrap the towel around your head. Some people like to put the towel over their ears, but it makes it hard to hear.
  4. Twist your hair in the towel until there is only a little bit left on the end.
  5. Flip it back over your head.

If you are right handed then take the towel lengthwise and put the left end of the towel around the front of your head but so you can still see – wrap that end around to halfway around the back of your head.

Take the other side of the towel and bring it behind you and then in front of the piece that it going around your head: Twist the length of the towel and bring the twisted part forward and tuck into the left side of the front and you can adjust the twisty part back.

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