Tips for gorgeous hair

With countless hair care tips, it’s not easy to figure out and decide the best ones for you. You have dandruff treatment and other hair care tips. Trying out or following some of the tips, is way to find out what’s best for you.

Here are some of my favorite tips that you don’t see too often. Follow them and find your hair getting gorgeous.

  • If your hair is injured, use a protein treatment once a week.
  • While you sleep, sleep on a satin pillowcase to prevent damage from tossing and turning.
  • Start using to a boar bristle brush.
  • Switch from plastic combs to wooden or cellulose acetate. Plastic combs have molded seams on them that damage your hair cuticle.
  • Tap water leaves mineral deposits on hair that can dull it and damage it. Use distilled water as your final rinse.
  • If your hair is very dry, don’t shampoo every day.
  • If you have fine or thin hair, stay away from thickening shampoos because they dry out your hair.
  • Stay away from hair accessories with metal in them.

It’s not easy to have great looking and healthy hair at the same time. It takes some thought and experimentation. But since having great hair can make or break your look, it is always worth the extra effort.

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