Pre-Hair cutting tips

Having a hair cut is an excellent way to change your appearance, make you feel beautiful or younger, or simply be updated with the latest trends. Whether having a hairstylist cut your hair or following some useful hair shampooing tips, you want to obviously look your best. However, by following the best hair cutting tips, you can be guaranteed that you do not experience a bad haircut.

The first hair cutting tip is that you need to work with a qualified stylist. The key is to work with someone that will not only lend their skills, but also listen to your concerns. One mistake that some stylists make is they try to sell a client on a particular style or cut, when all along, the client is clearly not impressed. If you go to a stylist and find yourself in this situation, remind yourself that you are not tied down to the chair and if he or she will not listen to you, then you can leave.

To ensure you get a good cut from a professional hairstylist every time, consider the following hair cutting tips.

  1. Always do your homework first, taking time to read magazines or books, or better yet, look at virtual hairstyling websites so you can take a photograph with you to the stylist. Not only will this help the individual have a much clearer picture of what you want, but also by printing off styles, you can take a few days to study them and narrow your choices down. You might even have a photograph of a friend that has the ideal cut.
  2. Ask friends and family to suggest the best place where you can go for a hair cut. Another option would be when visiting a salon for the first time, find the stylist and watch his work.
  3. One of the most important pre-hair cutting tips to know is your hair type. You would be surprised just how many people have no idea much about their hair at all. Is your hair thin, thick, straight, and wavy, course, fine, and so on? This is important since not all hairstyles look good with all types of hair. If you are unsure, then stop by a salon and ask.
  4. Again, in addition to having good ideas of your own, you want to work with a professional that can make good recommendations based on your face shape, hair type, age, lifestyle, and color.
  5. Ask a ton of questions. This is another important hair cutting tip in too many people overlook. You have the right to ask why the stylist suggests something to you. If you are not given a viable reason for the suggestion, then again, stick with what you want.
  6. Take notes of what the stylists does. This way, if you love the haircut but end up going to another stylist for some reason, you will know the type of products used on your hair, the cutting style, and any special techniques used.
  7. Yet another hair cutting tip is to compromise with the stylist. Knowing what you want and standing up for that is fine but if it means missing an important recommendation from the stylist, then you could miss getting a great cut.

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