Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a gorgeous way to admire your hair and give yourself a new look. There are many different methods used for attaching a hair extension according to the person doing your hair. It would be best to talk with your beautician before deciding on which method is best for you. Some hair may not be strong enough for all methods. Now, let’s look at these different methods for hair extensions:

With process there is already a metal ring attached to the hair where the hair extension can be easily applied and can be used over again. There are His and Her Rings for this process.

This is a new method that is catching on fast. It is similar to the Ring where there is already a plastic tube attached to the hair where the hair extension can be easily applied. You can use the His and Her Extension Iron to apply.

Clip Ons
With this method the extension hair is already cut and the clips are added to the weft. All you need to clip it to your natural hair and off you go.

With this process the hair extension is braided with your own hair using a variety of braids such as tree braid, braid weave, individuals, cornrow, and French braid. Each hair stylist will have their own unique braid that they prefer to use.

With a weave the person creating your hairstyle will make tracks on your head and sew on the hair extensions. This is the most popular way to add hair extensions.

With this method a bonding glue is placed on the extension and then is applied to the root of your hair. This is one of the easiest ways to apply a hair extension and the also the easiest to remove. To remove you only need to use the glue remover that accompanies the glue.

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