Get Rid Of Split End

Split ends are caused by coloring and perms. How to get rid of split ends? The best thing to do at this point is to cut hair that has split before it reaches the top. Better yet, contact a trusted hair stylist that could remove the unwanted hair. They could also advise you to use hair moisturizers, knowing that hair breaks because of the lack of moisture. Since we’re talking about moisturizers, water would be the best moisturizer suggested. From inside out, water as moisturizer is effective because again, damaged hair could simply be a case of poor health and hair care practices.

Split end weakens the hair strands and make it susceptible to splitting at the tips. Rubbing the tips of your hair after a bath also causes split ends. The proper way to do it is blot your hair and comb it with a wide-toothed comb. Too much brushing can also lead to split ends.  Other causes would be the use of heated appliances. Aside from drying the hair, it makes it brittle to the point of splitting at the end. There are protective hair products that could be applies when using heated appliances. Do you use elastic bands when tying your hair? Most of the time, because they are so tight against the hair, you tend to pull your hair from it. Forcing and freeing your hair from the elastic band or any other hair accessory is what causes the split ends. They simply damage the hair.

Of course, your overall health will affect your hair. Many times, damaged hair or hair that can be easily damaged is caused by dry scalp. And dry scalp is an indication of low fat and vitamin intake. Eating fruits and vegetables and drinking milk actually enhances hair more than the perm does.

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