French Twist

While you are sitting confused about your hair style and want to get into some look which is quick, royal and beautiful just go for the French twist and you are to carry your best beauty.
French Twist gives you a simple style with an elegant if you know How to use hairdryers. It is also terribly complicated to anyone who sees it. Hence you must know how easy it is so find out here the tips to go ahead with it.

1. Start your first step by brushing your hair over to one side of your head.
2. Now gripping your hair in one hand, bring it up towards the crown of your head, twisting as you do this to create a right roll.
3. When you reach the top, use a few pins to secure the ends in place.
4. Use a tail comb to pull a few strands of hair loose around your face or by your ears.
Just by following these few steps you can carry a look of the French twist and can walk into any place to show your difference.

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