How to Use Hairdryers

The hairdryer being an essential piece of equipment helps you to dry your hair when you are in need of it the most especially when you are in hurry. Maybe you got o run to work or reach out to a party, and you may think of trying a French Twist but your hair dryer has always been there to set you well. So after you Towel Wrap Your Hair and dry it slightly, your hair dryer can come into the picture.

Choose a professional hair dryer that has a range of heat, speed settings so that the hair can be power-dried on high heat, finished on a lower heat, and then used with cool air to set the style. The life expectancy of hair dryer averages between 200-300 hours.

Hair dryer Tips
1. Always point the airflow down the hair shaft to smooth the cuticle and encourage shine.
2. Take care not to hold the hair dryer too near the scalp as it can cause burns.
3. When you have finished blow-drying allow the hair to cool thoroughly, and then check that the hair is completely dry. Warm hair often gives the illusion of dryness while it is, in fact, still damp.
4. Never use a hairdryer without its filter in place – hair can easily be drawn into the machine.

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